My Story



Where have I been on this journey of life?


Let’s see…


From Venezuela to the US — from Lawyer to Health Coach — from lazy, kitchen-averse cook to healthy and capable home chef — from feeling blah to feeling amazing — from writing legal docs to upgrading other people’s lives!!


Through it all, food has always held a special place in my heart…

Savouring a piece of my favorite chocolate, lingering over a glass of wine in great company while checking out a new restaurant. Or more often than that, creating a unique flavor combination for my family’s healthy dinner or to share with my clients.


But here’s the thing. FOOD, although so special and important, is only ONE of the areas that can make a difference in how we feel and how we perform.


This realization came early in my life, as I grew up in Venezuela and watched my father, a doctor, care for his many ill patients…

People whose lives could have benefited from making healthier choices, and others who WERE making healthier choices for themselves, and enjoying a far better quality of life, even at advanced ages.

My father’s caring nature, as well as the first-hand realization of how people’s choices could potentially make a profound difference in their lives — ultimately led me to my career as a wellness and nutrition health coach.

But it wasn’t a straightforward path…


At the age of seventeen, I put my passions aside to study law.  Shortly after graduation, I moved to the United States for post-graduate studies.  Then just like clockwork, I started working in corporate America.

I was driven, I was in a dream country with a dream job.

But after a while, I struggled to find the true meaning to the work I was doing. I stepped off the corporate track to follow a different path — not knowing that the arrival of my twin boys in 2008 was going to be my focus for a little while!

The first years with the twins were super busy yet amazing. But however full my heart felt, I found myself dragging, lacking vitality and energy. I had put on some weight too.


Was it just the daily demands of chasing little boys, or my looming 40th birthday?

Whatever it was, I was sick and tired of feeling worn out.

That’s when my experiences from years ago in Venezuela came bubbling back into my mind, and I embarked on a journey to see if better eating habits, a little bit of mindfulness, and a more consistent exercise routine could make a difference for me.

(Hint: It could, and did!)


As my passion for them continued to grow, I started researching these ideas more in-depth, and went on to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach.

More than another diploma, I was looking to learn practical solutions and obtain up-to- date unbiased information. I chose to attend to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn practical tools and the science from world-renowned experts.  (I loved it.)

Since then, I have done a training on building resilience from the Massachusetts General Hospital – which gave me a broad and effective range of tools to use with my clients who were looking for practical, proven ways to manage their stress.

And even though I don’t eat plant-based all the time, I studied plant-based cooking at the world-renowned Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute… because I was determined to learn how to make the most DELICIOUS and AMAZING vegetables to ensure my family, my clients, and anyone who crosses my path loves them as well! 🙂


Why I do what I do:

Every day I’m amazed at the amount of energy and life satisfaction I gained when I had a comprehensive plan and when started paying closer attention to what I do, think, and eat.

As a result of my trainings:

  • I learned to efficiently manage the ups and downs of everyday life…
  • I learned that in order to accomplish my goals I don’t need to suffer in the process…
  • I learned to clearly identify the foods that truly nourish my soul and body…
  • I even started meditating (never thought I had a mind for that!).

Today, I sleep better, feel better, and most of the time I’m able to shift focus on the things I can control and that deserve my attention.

My life is not perfect, nor do I strive for perfection (nor should you!) but I HAVE learned to make mindful choices, and as a consequence I feel awesome!

And I want to help YOU make those same mindful choices.

Having experiencing the power of planning, accountability, mindfulness, and better nutrition to improve my own life, I now share my experience with my clients, to save them many of the hassles I’ve already managed to overcome!

I ADORE watching my clients’ progress as they open a new chapter in their journeys.

Although THEY are the ones who deserve all the credit for the actual work they do and the goals they reach, I cannot help but feel great delight and satisfaction for having paved the way towards their goals.


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