1. One on one six-month Coaching Program 

2. Training for Caregivers of Kids

3. Special Group Programs




One on one online bi-weekly meetings, with available support between sessions. For busy highly-motivated women looking for the right tools and support to have a healthier lifestyle, and either gain energy, improve overall well-being, or reduce weight (and keep it off!).


A different path to health and wellness focused on prevention and well-being. The program looks at the person as a whole and provides the right structure to keep you motivated and make achieving your goals a reality not just a possibility.


The program is:

Personalized and goal-oriented. Targeted to your goals, family history, background, body, preferences, work, lifestyle, and family dynamics.


Empowering. Thoughtful and non-judgmental conversation will help you gain clarity about your goals and how to achieve them. As the program unfolds and you start experiencing results, your confidence and ability to plan and achieve your intention exponentially grows. You will learn to implement healthy habits, manage obstacles, and assertively go back on track on your own. You will feel and look your best!


Comprehensive yet simple. Practical guidance to have a healthier lifestyle by learning some or all of the following:

  • Incorporate a consistent enjoyable healthy routine into your schedule;
  • Balance your meals;
  • Make simple delicious meals at home;
  • Reduce or maintain your weight by adding nutrient dense foods that increase health and satiety – no dieting or counting calories!  You will gain a new sustainable lifestyle and as a result, you will naturally and gradually start shedding off any excess weight.
  • Buy nutritious food and not be mislead by common marketing claims;
  • Have the best possible healthy meals on the go;
  • Deconstruct cravings, manage stress, and sleep better;
  • Enjoy eating out without feelings of guilt; and
  • Look at other areas of your life, aside from food, that you feel need attention.




Imagine how different the life of a kid would be if he started nourishing his body from an early age.


An online or in-person one on one comprehensive training in English or Spanish, with the most up-to-date health and nutrition information that will benefit caregivers as much as the kids under their care. The approach uses science-based principles of balanced meals and positive interaction with kids.


The purpose of the training is to prepare and empower parents and other caregivers (i.e., nannies, au pairs, grandparents) to feed the kids and themselves healthy nutritious meals and to maintain a healthy lifestyle in general. It will provide the caregiver the right tools to be a positive role model and to think and talk about food in positive ways so that the kids can have the best chances of having a healthy relationship with food and a healthy body since the early years.


Comprehensive learning objectives; covering all the areas and practicalities that need to be taken into account for a child to grow with healthy eating habits and a healthy body. Contact me for a detailed list of learning objectives.


Duration: seven 1.5-hour weekly sessions. During each session, the caregiver will have a chance to implement the lesson learned and come back with questions the following week.


Contact me for more information.



  • PAST. How to survive the holidays.
  • UPCOMING – SPRING RENEWAL21. Online. A jump start program to start a healthier way of eating, detox your body, and experience results. Program uses real food (not shakes) and basic powerful wellness tools. It includes: pre, during, and post program guidance, easy to make recipes, shopping list, and electronic support during the program. Program Duration: 3 weeks. Contact me for more details.
  • UPCOMING – Stress management for busy moms. Contact me for more details.
  • Group coaching seasonal or upon request.

Contact me for more information or to request a private group program.