Small steps with

Big results

Has your fast-paced life, entrenched (and not-so-healthy) habits, and the conveniences we have access to brought you to a place where you’ve now got a not-so-happy body, or a not-so-calm mind?

You’re  motivated, and deep inside you, you KNOW you can make healthy happen, but making the shift from where you are to a better sustainable place feels unrealistic or simply hard to fit it all in.

The good news is that releasing your weight doesn’t have to be so hard or feel so forced if you give yourself a chance, work on building healthy habits, focus on the positives, and just let it flow!

It can be a VERY empowering process and I’m super excited to show you how. And the first hint is: it’s not a diet, but an upgraded lifestyle you can fall in love with.


As your wellness and nutrition coach, I’ll guide you in helping you make a sustainable commitment to yourself, identifying your strengths and constraints. And together we’ll come up with a feasible plan that’ll work for you long term.

My programs include:

  • Goal-setting guidance to ensure your desires translate into actionable steps and attainable goals;
  • Review and selection of targeted strategies and tools to help you implement healthier new habits in the most effective, efficient, and EASY way for you;
  • Guidance developing and sustaining your motivation; and
  • Zero judgment accountability to keep you on track and motivated with your goals.


This carefully-designed and integrative approach (like you’ll get when you work with me) can achieve success where so many other approaches (and New Year’s Resolutions set with the best of intentions!) have just led to failure and discouragement.


  • Big picture approach and concrete gradual action steps that will get you where you want to be;
  • Practical down to earth and goal-oriented programs;
  • Evidence-based programs looking for sustainable improvements. No fad diets;
  • Enjoyable client driven process focused on the positive. No shame, no attitude, no extremes;
  • Empathetic yet persistent coach that will help you discover the most suitable way for you to achieve your goals;
  • A multicultural coach with a busy life that happily walks her talk.


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